MicroBubble Bath Infuser - Large

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Experience the luxuriousness of an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory bath!  Bathe your largest organ - the skin - in powerful Molecular Hydrogen and Oxygen! \n \nOur Large size MicroBubble bath infuser creates a massive tower of micro bubbles to rapidly infuse an entire bath tub.  Large enough for even the largest of bathtubs. \n \nRecommended infusion time before bathing:  30 minutes for large tubs - you can jump in right away, of course, but the full potency of the infusion will not be available right away. \n \nYou can place the infuser below problem areas for more intense application to that area! \n \nAdd any sorts of oils, salts, or other items you want to the tub.  Bubble baths could create a LARGE amount of bubbles - so be careful!  :o) \n \nLarge Infuser:  6" diameter (150 mm), 4 feet of tubing - enough for deep soaking tubs, standard H2 Impact connector.

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