Effects of Molecular Hydrogen on Cell Death

Effects of Molecular Hydrogen on Cell Death

Apr 14th 2023

Your body is constantly at war against oxidation stress. Studies show that oxidation stress is the cause of or contributor to every human disease. Free radicals lead to oxidation stress, which damages cells and also leads to cell death. However, studies show molecular hydrogen (H2) can help.

One study, published in Molecular Medicine Reports, dives deep into molecular hydrogen’s effects on oxidation stress, as well as DNA and mitochondrial function.

First, let’s talk a bit more about oxidation stress.

Oxidation Stress

Free radicals cause oxidation stress. These oxygen-containing molecules contain an unpaired valence electron. Because electrons like to be in pairs, free radicals attempt to steal electrons from healthy cells. This interaction leads to damage and cell death. Furthermore, damage and cell death give way to a variety of ailments. Pain, inflammation, illness, and allergies are just a few possible results of oxidation stress.

And there are many things that cause the production of free radicals. Even healthy activities like exercise can lead to oxidation stress.

How Does H2 Help?

Molecular hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant that is also extremely intuitive. It searches for free radicals in order to neutralize them. How does it do this?

First, H2 donates one of its hydrogen atoms to the oxygen-containing (O2) free radical. This leads to the formula for H2O. Thus, molecular hydrogen neutralizes free radicals by turning them into harmless water.

Additionally, molecular hydrogen repairs damage done to the cell, preventing cell death. Moreover, H2 prevents toxic free radicals from being produced.

Mitochondrial and Cell Signaling

Free radicals also wreak havoc on mitochondria, which are organelles inside the cell that convert nutrients into energy. Because hydrogen is so small (it is the smallest molecule, in fact) H2 can easily enter the cell and benefit the mitochondria. Molecular hydrogen also influences DNA and cell signaling in a beneficial way.

Amazing Results

Results from the study published in Molecular Medicine Reports confirm that molecular hydrogen has powerful effects on oxidation stress, as well as DNA and the mitochondria.

For this particular study, DNA oxidation and oxidation stress caused by retinal ischemia-reperfusion injury were observed.

Using hydrogen-enriched saline, researchers found the molecular hydrogen significantly decreased the effects of DNA oxidation. Furthermore, researchers concluded that molecular hydrogen has great potential when it comes to helping issues caused by oxidation stress and diseases, due to its ability to neutralize free radicals, and its ability to enter the cell, benefiting cell signaling and gene expression.

Benefit Your Cells and Overall Health with the HydroGenie

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